Our communities are stronger when Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland and the Maryland Department of Human Services partner to provide benefit programs to homebound clients throughout the state. These programs include supplemental nutrition assistance, health insurance, tax credits, and housing and utility assistance.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (abbreviated SNAP and also known as food stamps), supports Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland with screening eligible clients for SNAP benefits that will help them pay for food so that other precious resources can be used to cover other expenses like medicine and heat. With each application, our case managers and client support staff screen for application eligibility and, when appropriate, provide application assistance to seniors who qualify for the SNAP support. To ensure homebound individuals receive these benefits, we follow up on applications, assist with documentation and, with their permission, we submit the application on their behalf.

SNAP application screening, just one of many support services provided by Meals on Wheels, is a critical service since most eligible seniors are not accessing the benefit, for many reasons. First, a homebound senior is not able to travel to a local SNAP office to apply for services, and many are unable to apply for resources online. Others may be too proud to ask, don’t think they would be eligible, or are afraid to give their information over the phone. Meal program clients trust our credentialed Client Support Specialists and Case Managers who are trained to listen for needs and are able to connect these individuals to SNAP. Inviting clients to apply for SNAP benefits through Meals on Wheels removes barriers to these vital resources.

Clients find that working through the application process with a staff member they know and trust, makes it a seamless process. Many are surprised and delighted when they learn that they qualify for food assistance.

The value of SNAP became real for two adult sons of aging parents who visited our office. They were inquiring about meal delivery and other services for their parents. While a life transition can be daunting for any senior, the sons were concerned that a language barrier would potentially cause additional stress. Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland stepped in with meal service, and immediately submitted SNAP applications to reduce the risk of food insecurity. Everyone in the family is comforted by the knowledge that nutritious meals are being delivered with additional support from SNAP.

Meals on Wheels is honored to partner with The Food Supplement Outreach Program and the Maryland Department of Human Services. Together, we are committed to making a positive economic impact in Maryland communities, and improving the lives of individuals with limited financial resources. Read more about how Meals on Wheels can help you find out your SNAP eligibility.

If you or you know someone who would benefit from SNAP, call us at (410) 558-0827 or email client@mowcm.org.