Phase 1C Vaccination Information

An announcement from Executive Director Stephanie Archer-Smith

Many of you have asked about our status as essential workers and how it impacts the plan for coronavirus vaccinations. We are happy to report, that as essential food service workers, Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland employees are included in Phase 1C of the State’s vaccination plan.

Please see the notice from the Governor’s Office for more details:

PHASE 1C: The governor announced the state will move into Phase 1C starting Monday Jan. 25, which will be open to all Maryland residents ages 65 to 74; public health and safety workers not covered in Phase 1A; and essential workers in lab services, food and agriculture production, manufacturing, the U.S. Postal Service, public transit and grocery stores.

NEW ONLINE VACCINATION SITE LOCATOR: The state is launching, an online portal where Marylanders can find a list of vaccination sites in their area along with contact information. Due to limited supply, vaccinations will be done by appointment only at this time.

If you are planning on getting a vaccine, you can use the link above to learn more about how to schedule an appointment. It may be helpful to register for more than one location given the large number of people included in this phase. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come discuss it with me.

Thank you,

Stephanie Archer-Smith