Support Services

Meals on Wheels also provides a number of support services for our home-delivered meal clients that can prevent premature institutionalization by helping them maintain independence in their own homes.

Isolation Reduction

In addition to the isolation reduction provided by our daily short visits while delivering food, clients who are found to be particularly isolated are offered isolation reduction planning. These plans may include connecting clients with outside services/organizations or providing in-house services such as volunteer companions and phone pals.

Family Reassurance and Safety Checks

When a client unexpectedly fails to answer a door, MOWCM staff immediately notify previously designated emergency contacts. Emergency contacts are also notified if problems are noticed when the client comes to the door. Many lives have been saved as a result of this program.

Grocery Shopping Program

The grocery shopping & delivery program is a free service for our homebound clients. The client pays only for the cost of the groceries. No cash transactions occur between the program volunteer and the client. Special Meals on Wheels credit cards are used to charge the client's groceries and the client is billed afterward by Meals on Wheels. The Grocery Shopping Program is available on a county-by-county basis.

The Phone Pal Program

The phone pal program is available to clients of our home-delivered meal program. Clients receive friendly telephone assurance calls from a volunteer during the day or in the evening. Phone pals help provide a "connection" between the clients and the community at-large. The client and the phone pal decide on the best time to talk to one another. The Phone Pal Program is available on a county-by-county basis.

Kibble Connection

For our many clients with pets, we offer the option of receiving home delivered pet food, to help make it possible for participants to keep their four footed companions.
(Only available in Baltimore City and Baltimore County)

Volunteer Companions

When available, volunteer companions can visit our most isolated participating clients on a monthly basis.

Other Related Services and Referrals to Appropriate Agencies

If requested or required, Meals on Wheels will provide linkage with other services and programs in the community to help individual clients obtain any additional support they may need in order to remain in their homes.

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