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Dangerously Delicious Pies  
2839 O'Donnell Street
Baltimore, MD 21224


Rodney Henry is not a classically trained chef or baker. Just a cat who likes good food and has been around it his entire life. Between the ages of 6 and 14, he would spend his summers outside Indianapolis, Indiana in the rural township of Pike. He was always arriving too late to play baseball, so instead he would bake custards, cakes, and pies with his Grandmother Althea Henry. She was always there with a beater or spatula for young Rodney to lay his tongue on and lick those suckers clean. He had a knack for baking and a real love for eating the final product. Alway's arriving back home after his summer break with 10-15lbs of extra weight, a bad haircut and a brand new powder blue leisure suit. He was a cool customer. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and spending a couple of years in college, he set out to pursue a career as a musician. Spending his next 15 years traveling with various bands. In breaks from the road he would often pick up cooking gigs at DC area Restaurants. In November of 1993 Henry started the Glenmont Popes and that would be his only gig for the next 7 years. The last year being quite a lean one. The a lightbulb came on. Bake pies on the road. Rodney Henry started Dangerously Delicious Pies 10 years ago. Baking pies above a Fells Point bar during the day and selling them around town and at various Rock-n-Roll shows at night. Sort of a "pie" underground. While still touring with Baltimore Rock Band, The Glenmont Popes, Rodney took pie on the road. Loading his van with guitars, amps, t-shirts, cd's and 60 pecan pies. Traveling the Country for three months, rocking and baking in some of the coolest clubs around the United States. Meeting people and getting great responses for both the music and pie, he realized a new calling. "Pie Man". During that tour he came up with a plan. Rock-n-Roll was'nt really paying the bills, perhaps he could have pie pay for Rock-n-Roll. To this day you can find some of the best pie, sweet or savory, in the country, right here at one of Henry's two Dangerously Delicious Pie shops in Federal Hill or Hampden. On occasion you can also hear some of the most talented musicians in the country stopping by to play one of the shops for the promise of good pie and passing the hat.

A recipe from CHEF RODNEY HENRY…


Prep Directions

one whole 3 lbs. chicken
rub with 1/4 lbs. butter
press 3 tbsp. salt and pepper to outside of chicken
3 sprigs each of rosemay and sage on the top of chicken
3 sprigs each on the inside of the chicken along

Stuff bird with 1 whole carrot, 1 onion skinned and cut in half
Bake chicken for 30 minutes or until juice is a very light pink. almost clear. Don't over bake

Cut and Roast 1 1/2 lbs. of Red Potatos
Cut and Roast 1 lb. of Carrots


1. Pull meat of the chicken. Roughly chop and put into a large bowl
add potato's, carrots, 1/2 cup of corn, 1/2 cup of peas. Add 2 tablespoons of Flour, 1 quart of heavy cream.

2. Mix ingredients and put into bottom crust. Lay top crust on the pie, vent and put into a preheated 350 oven and bake appoximately 45 minutes or until golden brown with gravy coming out of you vents.

3. Let set 5 minutes. Slice and serve.