Meals on Wheels Board of Directors

Neil Leikach

Neil Leikach, RPh
President of YOUR Community Pharmacy

Neil graduated in 1992 from the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy with a BS Pharmacy degree. He married fellow graduate, Dixie, the same year. They have two sons, Eric 21 and Marc 18.

Neil has served in many leadership positions. He was President of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Alumni Association. He currently serves as a Past-President ofthe Maryland Pharmacist Association and as a former member of The Lambda Kappa Sigma Educational Trust Liaison Committee. He is a member of many local and national professional pharmacy organizations. Neil is Vice President for membership engagement for his synagogue, Chizuk Amuno and volunteers for The Associated, Federation of Jewish Charities. Neil was honored in 2001 with the Maryland Pharmacists Association’s Young Pharmacist of the Year and the 2015 Seidman Distinguished Achievement award as well.

Neil strongly supports independent community pharmacy and organizational involvement. As a storeowner, Neil has the flexibility to be actively involved in his profession and mcommunity, which allows him to give back some of
what has been given to him.