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Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and we believe that is worth celebrating! This annual event highlights the incredible achievements and resilience of the Black community and Black individuals, who historically have not been recognized for their contributions to our community or their personal achievements. Now is the time.

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Sixty Years of Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland

Throughout 2020, we have been sharing the story of our incredible COVID-19 response. But what prepared us to manage a 45% meal-production increase in one year? How were we able to meet the need in our neighborhoods? The answer certainly lies with our current staff, volunteers, and community at-large, but it can also be found by looking to our rich history of ingenuity, innovation, and dedication.

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The moment you knock on that door, look someone in the eyes and deliver a warm meal, you make a connection. It might be a quick hello or it could be a whole conversation, but the impact lasts a lifetime. Not just for the senior receiving the meal, but for you the volunteer.

Volunteer Anthem

Today in the U.S., ten million seniors face the threat of hunger, and millions more live alone in isolation. Meals on Wheels already serves over two million homebound seniors annually, and with the senior population expected to double by 2050, there is an escalating need for a new wave of volunteers to step up to help seniors in their communities.

“America, Let’s Do Lunch”

Richard & Homer Gere

For Richard Gere, Meals on Wheels has always been about family. Sign up to drop off a warm meal and create lifelong memories today.

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