Every year on April 22, people from across the globe come together to raise public awareness for the environment and the living organisms that share our planet. This day was established in 1970 and focused on education and activism among college-aged young adults. The date was even chosen to fall between Spring Break and final exams! However, the scale of public interest went miles beyond this initial demographic with 10% of the United States population participating in Earth Day events and demonstrations. By 1990, Earth Day was a global event, with over 200 million people celebrating in over 140 countries.

At Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland (MOWCM), we are celebrating Earth Day by honoring the important role that pets often play in our clients’ lives. Having a pet can have many health benefits, from reducing stress, to lowering blood pressure. So often pets give clients purpose and the satisfaction of caring for another. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for our homebound population to acquire the food that pets require.

Enter Kibble Connection, a program with Maryland SPCA that delivers free food to our clients’ furry companions. The program provides peace of mind, allowing pets to stay in their homes with the human owners they love. Andy Beres, MDSPCA Marketing and Communications Director says, “Because of income and transportation challenges, many families in Maryland lack access to pet food. As a result, they face the heartbreaking decision of whether to give up their pets. Kibble Connection’s pet food assistance allows families to keep the pets they love instead of surrendering them to shelters.”

Steve C. and Charles T. experience the positive impact of receiving pet food through Kibble Connection:

Steve C.

Steve is 60 years old and lives in a rural area in Carroll County. He has spent his entire life in Maryland, with many of his early days living on a farm in Montgomery County. He is a huge animal lover and has had many pets over the years including cats, rats, mice, snakes, and turtles.  In addition to home-delivered meals, Steve also receives pet food for his cats through Kibble Connection. He was so happy to know that his cats would be taken care of through the pet food deliveries, as they really are his family.


Charles T.

Charles is 85 years old and lives in Bel Air, MD. He spent over 11 years in the Army and loves the outdoors- from growing flowers in his garden to fishing throughout Maryland. After his wife and son passed away, Chuck found himself feeling very isolated. He takes comfort in animals and finds joy in spending his days with his 2-year-old cat, saying, “Sometimes I feel like I am living to take care of my cat.” He has been able to receive free cat food deliveries from Kibble Connection. It is a service that Chuck really appreciates.