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    Please note: This information is requested to help us determine a manageable fee based on your income and expenses if you choose to extend service beyond the expiration date of the MedStar program. Please be prepared to provide your MONTHLY income and MONTHLY expenses during the scheduled telephone intake. Although documentation is not required, it is important that you report both your full income and all your expenses accurately. Failure to report all sources of income may result in an inability to initiate services.

    Please be prepared with the following information for our follow up call:

    • BGE

    • Personal Medical Care: In-Home aides, ensure/boost, depends etc.

    • Housing: Rent or Mortgage

    • Rx/prescriptions cost

    • Oil: heating (winter months)

    • Medical/Doctor: Co-pays

    • Telephone/Cable

    • Transportation

    • Taxes: Property, Outstanding IRS (Please specify)

    • Water

    • Insurance: Medical (out of pocket), Renters, Life or Homeowners (Please specify)

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    Thank you for submitting your application. Someone from our office will contact you within 3 business days to schedule your telephone intake.

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