The Full Plate Club at Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland (MOWCM) is a group of dedicated monthly donors. These generous givers provide MOWCM the steady income needed to deliver food, socialization, and other critical services to our homebound neighbors in need, now and into the future. The monthly giving program allows us to receive consistent and reliable funds required to maintain our level of nutritional and More than a meal™ services. Full Plate Club member Toni Gianforti expresses why monthly giving is important to her.

Toni has been connected to MOWCM for decades, working for the organization in the Development/Marketing/Communications Department for many years. In May 2017, Toni decided to become a monthly donor. She says, “Being a monthly donor is painless. When I retired, I knew that I was going to remain a volunteer, but I also know the importance of monetary contributions.” Toni continues, “Monthly giving is easy- you don’t have to think about it. Through becoming a monthly donor, I am able to continue my commitment to the organization.”

Toni believes that being a monthly donor yields positive benefits to both her personally and the entire organization. She says, “Monthly gifts are guaranteed income that MOWCM can count on. It makes me feel good, it’s great to give not only my time, but also my treasure. This is vital over time.”

We thank Toni and our many Full Plate Club members for their compassionate gifts to MOWCM. If interested, sign up through visiting our website at