Sometimes there is nothing better than giving back as a family. At Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland (MOWCM), there are so many ways to engage family members of all ages- from packing to delivery to creative service projects and fundraisers. One fun way to volunteer is through our Grocery Assistance Program (GAP). Each client in the GAP program is match with a volunteer. The volunteer will then shop for groceries using the client’s grocery list. In this program, kids are welcome to volunteer with their parents, getting to know the clients and bonding with their family member(s).

Diane and Sam F.

About five years ago, Diane’s daughter was in search of service hours when she was in high school. A friend recommended GAP and MOWCM. Throughout that time, younger brother Sam tagged along, shopping and delivering to clients in Baltimore County with the family.

Fast-forward a few years and Sam has been able to apply his volunteer experience with GAP for his own service hours at Dulaney High School. Sam says, “I really enjoy helping people with their shopping because it is not something they would have been able to do for themselves.”

Diane says, “We have really bonded with our clients. It is rewarding to get to know each individually and know we are doing our part. I think everyone should do service of some kind. It is so impactful to be in someone’s life. It is really a gift.” Diane and Sam are a shining example that volunteering as a family can bring wonderful benefits.