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Your donation’s impact is immediate and makes a difference every day to those in need. Hot, nutritious meals and vital services are provided to homebound individuals thanks to your generosity.

In Honor/In Memory

Fall 2017—In Memory of

Golda Abel

North Oaks Senior Living Community

Sylvia Aiken

Paul & Phyllis Freiman

Helen Alexander

Anthony Scarselli

Richard N. Arnold

Phyllis Grimm

Ira Askin

North Oaks Senior Living Community

Marian Ayres

Mary & Don Rusckiewicz

Winton Elmer Bakke

Gail M. Allison
William & Susan Almy
Blanche Bakke
John & Carolyn Bauer
Susanne Beyerle
Carolyn J. Beyerle Bauer
Dean Bryant
Maribelle Carter
John Corcoran
Shirley Cunningham and Family
Diane & Richard Heuring
Gary Livingston and Family
Rick Livingston and Family
David Livingston and Family
F. Miraglia, Jr.
Susan Owens
Ronald & Judith Sander
Constance Smith
Paul Spitzer
Vickie and Francis Wilder and Family
Etta Wilder

Jean Barco

Linda Chapin
Norm Maged
Patti Harcarik & Carlton Nelson
Ann Paul
Rosen Family

Nona Beeson

EDENS (Traci Adams)

Louise Lincoln

Elaine Bentley

Mark Berlin

Robin Lightman

Howard Blank

Stacie Kovens

Albert Blaszak Sr.

Evelyn Lisowsky

Ella Booker


Harold & Mary Ellen Boyer

Lindsay Erbe

Betty Bullock

Thelma L. Mack

Betty Boykin

Betty Spear

Elvira Bruno

Marie Lobaugh

Herbert Burgunder

North Oaks Senior Living Community

Ruth Burnett

Paula Burnett Frankel

Lynn Byank

Joan & Jon Schochor

John Byron (Whitey)

Patricia Byron
Clive Carnie
Patricia Carnie

Judith F. Chase

Roslyn Goldheim
Kirsti MacPherson
Erin O’Brien
Curtis Tatum
Dan Roberts & Amanda Geller
Tara & Erik Kawasaki
Daniel Vock
Nicole Woo
Steve Frantzich

Ten Cherupin

Thomas J. Donaghy

Ella Christian

Sophonia Simms

Helena Christian

Kerry M. McClellan
Lydia Yarborough

Bob Clark

Josiane Gabel

Dr. Alan B. Cohen

Joan Raskin

Leon & Lena Cohen

Cheri Trieber

Monthly Giving

Sign up for monthly giving using our secure website.

By committing to a recurring donation to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, you’ll be providing consistent support—flexibly and affordably—for programs that keep homebound seniors and disabled individuals healthy at home.

Your gift will be charged each month to your credit card account and will appear on your monthly statement, saving processing time and creating a sustainable future for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland.

You can increase, decrease or suspend your gift at any time by contacting our Development Office at 443-573-0930.

All financial contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Gifts of Stock

Stocks and securities can be transferred to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland. Gifts of stock may provide a double tax benefit: an income-tax deduction for the property’s fair-market value, and the stock’s appreciation may help you avoid capital gains taxes.

Please contact our Development Office at 443-573-0928 to let us know if you plan to donate stock.

Stock Transfer Instructions:

Clearing Firm: Pershing, LLC
DTC#: 0443
Broker: M&T Securities, Inc.

M&T Securities
1-800-724-7788/Option 2
Melissa T. Dewalt, Brokerage Officer/Registered Principal

For the account of:
Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, Inc. #AZD-947034

Please note that we do not determine the tax-deductible amount for donors contributing shares of stock. We will provide you with a letter acknowledging the gift that will include the date of the stock transfer. Please refer to your accountant, attorney, or financial advisor to determine the value of your gift for IRS or other purposes.

For more information on gifts of stocks and securities, please call Holly Blackledge at 443-573-0928 or email development@mowcm.org.

Donate a Vehicle

You can donate your used car, van, truck, RV or boat with a trailer to support the mission of Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland. It’s easy to do and we accept any vehicle, regardless of age or condition.

To get started, please call 1-888-MOW-KAR1 (1-888-669-5271). Or, you can fill out an
online vehicle submission form by clicking here. Make sure you choose Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland from the drop down menu after the fields for inserting your name and e-mail address.

Workplace & Employee Giving

Workplace giving is an easy and affordable way to support MOWCM.

Each year MOWCM participates in the following campaigns:
The United Way Campaign (UWCM) for private sector employees:  Designate 8094
The Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC) for state employees:  Designate 52-6074723

The Combined Charity Campaign (CCC) for Baltimore City employees:  Designate 8094
The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for Federal Government employees:  Designate 85588

Many employers will match your charitable contribution. Check with your human resources office today to see if your charitable donation can be matched by your employer.

Mail your completed matching gift form to: 
Meals on Wheels Central Maryland, Inc.
Attn: Development Office
515 South Haven Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
or e-mail to: development@mowcm.org

Corporate Giving

Corporations and companies of all sizes find that investing in the well-being of our homebound neighbors not only enhances the communities and the lives of those living in them, these activities support a positive work culture

Learn about corporate giving and sponsorship opportunities and benefits here or contact Holly Blackledge by phone at: 443-573-0928 or by e-mail at blackledge@mowcm.org.

Planned Gifts

Planned Giving

Even those with modest resources can make a charitable bequest to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland. Your gift will support our mission to keep seniors healthy and living independently and support a sustainable future for us and those we serve.

The following are some of the more common types of bequests and some sample language. Be sure to carefully review the terms of your will with a professional trained in handling trusts and estates.

General Bequests

General bequests are legacies left to people or causes that come from the general value of the estate, and are made by designating a specific dollar amount, a particular asset, or a fixed percentage of your estate.

General bequest language
“I give, devise, and bequeath to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, located at 515 South Haven Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, the sum of $___ (or a description of the specific asset), for its general purposes.”

Residuary Bequests

Residuary bequests are made when you intend to leave a portion or the remainder of your assets after other terms of the will have been satisfied.

Residuary bequest language
“All the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate (or specify a portion), both real and personal, I give to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, located at 515 South Haven Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, for its general purposes.”

Contingency Bequests

Contingency bequests allow you to leave a portion of your estate to a particular charity if your named beneficiary does not survive you.

Contingency bequest language
“I devise and bequeath the residue of the property, real and personal and wherever situated, owned by me at my death, to (name of beneficiary), if he/she survives me. If (name of beneficiary) does not survive me, I devise and bequeath my residuary estate to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, located at 515 South Haven Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, for its general purposes.”

Planned giving can take many other forms: charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, and charitable bequests.

For more information on planned giving, please call Holly Blackledge at 443-573-0928 or email: development@mowcm.org.

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