This week, we are highlighting another awesome Grocery Assistance Program volunteer duo- Kim and Jake who give back to homebound adults in Harford County.

Kim and Jake H.
Jake H. is 13 years old and completed the 8th grade at Patterson Mill School in Bel Air this past Spring. He
is part of the National Junior Honor Society and through his membership, he is required to fulfill volunteer service hours. Jake wanted to find an opportunity that went beyond the requirement. He was interested in a project that involved a deeper purpose, with the potential to build real relationships. During an Honor Society virtual meeting, Jake learned about volunteering at MOWCM.

GAP really stood out to Jake. He loves to grocery shop and thought it would be the perfect program to make a
difference in the life of a client. Jake and his mom Kim decided to sign up to volunteer together. Kim says, “I drive and hold the credit card, but Jake takes care of everything else from calling the client, to filling out the paperwork, to shopping for the groceries.” When asked how volunteering has impacted him, Jake thoughtfully responds, “I like that I get to know the client on a personal level. It feels good to be helpful to him. For instance, I know my client’s cat is a picky eater, so I make sure to get the right cat food.”

GAP provides an opportunity to make these real connections. The flexible schedule and community-based focus allows young people to be a part of feeding those in need.