On Monday, January 16th, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. This is a day observed for honoring one of the greatest Americans to ever live. A leader of the civil rights movement, Dr. King was unrelenting on issues surrounding diversity and equality in America. At Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, it’s an opportunity to reflect on why Dr. King’s ideals surrounding diversity and equality are so important, and why we honor his legacy. We value diversity and equality in the workplace because we understand that every individual has a unique perspective, their own way of thinking and operating, and groups of people are often tasked with coming together to accomplish goals and objectives.

MLK Day is also the only federal holiday designated by congress as a National Day of Service – “a day on, not a day off.” At Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, we take great pride in providing much-needed services to homebound and aging adults as we produce, pack and deliver meals to thousands of clients daily. Additionally, our more than a mealtm services allow us to provide meaningful isolation-reduction measures for our clients. Call Connections, for example, is a volunteer-supported service available to our homebound clients to reduce isolation, improve mood and promote social engagement. Clients are assigned a friendly volunteer who calls during the day or in the evening, depending on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

As you think about honoring Dr. King’s legacy on Monday, January 16th, please consider Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland as a place where you can give back and service your community. It’s a powerful way to honor Dr. King and, at the same time, help your community because food insecurity is something that impacts all underserved groups.