Phil Briscoe, MD

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Phil Briscoe, MD

Phil was born in Baltimore and has lived there all of his life, except for short periods in the military and for medical training. He completed medical school and Otolaryngology (Ear Nose Throat, and Head and Neck Surgery) residency at the Johns Hopkins, and practiced in the Baltimore area at various hospitals, until retiring in 2013.

Like many surgeons, Phil has been interested in manual crafts since childhood, in the pleasure of making things. He has had a home shop all along, and does woodworking, and a variety of other crafts, along with painting and photography. It becomes ever more difficult as science expands, but he tries to stay in touch with the progress of biomedical science, in particular. Other interests are astronomy, bicycling, sailing, and motorcycling, whatever ways there are of staying active, and writing memoirs and some science fiction.

He has been active in various medical committees, in his church vestry, in an amateur woodworking club, and as a Master Gardener. He lives in Baltimore County with his wife Liz their two dogs and three sheep. They have three grandchildren, so far, and counting!

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