The Food Network’s official favorite champion. Fine… maybe not official favorite. 🙂

Quick History: I fell in love with baking from lessons my g’ma taught me when I was a kid. Lessons that helped me graduate from Johnson & Wales University with an undergrad in Baking & Pastry Arts, and later receiving a coveted pastry certification from the famous Restaurant School in Vitznau, Switzerland. I returned home, to Baltimore, worked my way up the ladder in bakeries and patisseries, won a few Food Network championships, and opened “my own” cakerie, in Towson, Maryland. I soon realized my vision for a small, cozy, high-end cake & pastry shop was quickly turning into something completely different. I wanted to get back to my roots, and the original vision I shared with my awesome community. Fast forward to October 2017: HELLOOOOOOO CAKE.

I launched Cake™ to celebrate the sweet life with neighbors and members of my community who played a huge role on my professional journey. I chose to surround myself with experts, superstars, and friends, and work side by side with with professionals I proudly call family. I launched Cake™ to bake and deliver a top-tier experience without pricing out the very people who helped make this dream come true.

This is what I’ve always wanted. This is what I’ve always pictured. This is what my grandma Millie always described. A shop where our neighbors can enter in one mood, and leave in a better. A shop where getting a cup of coffee—and just a cup of coffee—IS OKAY. A shop teaching workshops for kids and adults one day, and baking, designing and delivering award winning wedding cakes the next.

Cake™ is quality. Cake™ is your neighbor. Cake™ is officially open for business.