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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does delivery take?

Between one hour and a hour and a half. 

Can my son/daughter earn student service
learning hours with Meals on Wheels?

Yes, students can volunteer in the Main Office Kitchen
Monday through Friday, 9am to 1pm.

They can also accompany a parent to any of
our other volunteer opportunities. 

Please call 443-573-0925 in advance to
schedule specific days to volunteer.

Do I have to attend Volunteer Orientation?

Yes, all new volunteers must attend a Volunteer Orientation.
They are held every Tuesday from— 
10:30am to 11:30am at the Main Office;
please call 443-573-0925 ahead of time
to receive updates and to RSVP.

Can I volunteer on the weekends?

While there are no meal deliveries on the weekends,
we have several opportunities that can be done on
the weekends like our Grocery Shopping Program,
Kibble Connection, Phone Pals and Companions.

Do I have to volunteer every day?

No, most volunteers help about once a week
but some volunteers help more or less depending
on their schedule. 

Volunteers often are asked about
Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland

Here are common questions and how
you can answer:

What is the cost of Meals on Wheels?

Each client pays something for their meals,
but it is a sliding scale based on the person’s
disposable income and expenses.

When is delivery?
Please plan on being home between
11am and 1:30pm on the weekdays
you are signed up to receive your meals.

Do I receive meals every day?
No. You can receive meals every day,
two days, three days or four days.

What is the frozen meal option?

Since we do not deliver meals on weekends
or on federal holidays, you may choose to
pay for frozen meals to be delivered beforehand
to save in your freezer and reheat in the microwave
or oven.

Will I have the same volunteer every day?

No. Though you may see the same volunteers week by week.