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Last year, more than 1,800 Marylander's donated their time to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland.

Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland provides a thorough orientation and training program at convenient times that includes a ‘ride along’ with an experienced team prior to starting volunteer service. Please click here to register!

These valued volunteers donated more than 66,000 hours of their time and drove over 464,000 miles to bring nutrition and personal contact to homebound seniors in Central Maryland. Their driving totals 18 times around the Earth!

Many of our clients tell us the best part of our meal delivery service is our friendly, caring volunteers.

Mrs. Stewart has lived in and around Baltimore County for most of her 82 years of life. Now a widow, she started receiving Meals on Wheels a year ago when she gave up driving. Mrs. Stewart has Parkinson's Disease. Recently her condition has worsened so she thought it best to stay off the road; and in her own words, "go out with a good driving record." She is now unable to shop or cook for herself. "Meals on Wheels means a lot to me, because otherwise I wouldn't eat right."

But what really makes the meals so special for Mrs. Stewart are the volunteers who bring not just a meal, but a friendly chat, a hug and a smile.

Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland offers a variety of opportunities for those who want to get involved, make a difference and help seniors and other homebound individuals stay independent.

Join our friendly team of volunteers.
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Do you knit or crochet?

Meals on Wheels is collecting scarves for our clients!

We could use your help to make a difference in a homebound person's life by donating a hand-made knit or crocheted scarf. Meals on Wheels is collecting scarves to distribute to our homebound clients during the winter months. By December, we would like to have over 1,000 scarves - help us reach our goal!

Scarves should be at least 6" x 60". Please feel free to use any pattern or stitch that you like! Finished scarves can be dropped off at any of our site locations or at our main office!

For more information, please call 443-573-0926 or email falk@mowcm.org to find out more.