• All menus comply with the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program and are designed by a registered, licensed dietician.
  • Customers are given the opportunity to meet with the registered dietitian at scheduled menu meetings to discuss concerns and suggestions for the menu.
  • A nutrient  analysis is available for all menus.
  • Daily meals provide each client with two-thirds of the recommended daily dietary allowance for adults 51 years of age and older.

All meals are low in fat and cholesterol and contain only 2-4 grams of sodium; no salt is added.

Diet Types

  • A "no concentrated sweets" diet is available for persons who wish to limit their sugar intake.
  • A "texture modified" diet is available for persons who have difficulty chewing, swallowing or cutting their food.
  • Other diet choices include "no pork" and "no fish" options.
  • Kosher meals are available in a limited geographical area.

For more information call 410-558-0932 and select option 10932 to speak with our food service staff or e-mail for more information or to obtain a quote for your center.


Requesting Printed Materials

Print materials, such as:

  • The monthly menu
  • Menu nutritional analysis 
  • Monthly nutrition newsletter

may be requested by calling:
410-558-0932 Ext. 10942 or

You can also print out
the monthly
menus by
clicking on the following

links to PDFs:

March Menus:
Hot Menu
Frozen Menu
Kosher Menu


More Information  

For more information on the Group Meal Program, call: 410-558-0932 and select option 3 to speak with our food service staff or e-mail us at:


Meals on Wheels is committed to providing its clients with quality meals at a competitive price. Our Group Meal pricing varies depending on:

  • Site Location
  • Number of meals served at site
  • Menu options selected