Client Stories


Ruth lives in Rogers Forge, Baltimore County, in the same house where she and her husband raised their three children.  She's lived there since 1939.  Ruth is legally blind.  When her eyesight became bad about 10 years ago, and she could no longer cook for herself, she was worried that she would have to leave her home.  That's when Meals on Wheels came in.  "My Meals on Wheels volunteers are so very thoughtful.  They do a lot of little things for me, like reading my medicine prescription labels - they've even adjusted my thermostat for me because I can't see well," says Ruth.  "I just think the world of them."


William lives in a senior apartment building on Eutaw Place.   He enjoys reading his books and listening to his collection of jazz tapes every day.  He is a WWII veteran and has disabilities that limit his mobility.  That's where Meals on Wheels comes in.  Volunteers from Douglas Memorial Community Church are just around the corner.  They deliver his meals Monday through Friday.  "They make it possible for me to stay in my own apartment and I'm very grateful for that," he says.


Ethel lives in a senior apartment building in East Baltimore and has been receiving Meals on Wheels for several years.  While Ethel has family members who are close to her, they work during the day and are not able to be there to prepare her a hot lunch.  That's where Meals on Wheels comes in.  "The meals are great, but the volunteers who deliver them make my day," she says. "I always ask for hugs before they go.  If they miss a week, they have to give me extra hugs!"

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"I can't tell you how much I look forward to my visits from the Meals on Wheels volunteers. I had a stroke several years ago and although I am able to walk I do need to use a cane and wheelchair, particularly when I start to get tired. But I forget about that when I see Mr. Parker or Pat. I look forward to our chats."


Beatrice lives just off North Avenue near Broadway, in a rowhouse that sits among abandoned properties.  Her son and daughter-in-law live in Harford County and are not able to be there for her on a daily basis.  That's where Meals on Wheels comes in.  Beatrice looks forward every day to a visit from a caring Meals on Wheels volunteer.  "I have my church friends who do grocery shopping for me and come and clean my house," she says. "But I really like the meals and the conversation with the volunteers.  Most days, I really don't see anybody else all day."